Network Speed Meter

A speed meter with a pleasant interface. Now with more customization options.


  1. Pixel style notification;
  2. Background watermark-like style.
  3. You can turn off at any time;
  4. Battery-friendly.
A speed meter with pleasant interface. Features pixel style notification and more.

Advanced Settings

The app uses a json object to store setting.

Default Settings

The default setting is in below. An explanation of each field is provided.

    "mainContent":"all",    // Display content, includes: all, none, download, upload
    "startOnBoot":true,     // If start the app on device power on.
    "style":"pixel",        // Style of speed display, includes: pixel, into_background
    "backgroundStyle": {    // Style of into_background. Only affect style of "Into Background".
        "backgroundColor":754974720,    // Background color. Colors are in sRGB format but converted to base 10 integer.
        "gravity":8388613,              // Network speed text display gravity.
        "layoutGravity":8388659,        // Gravity of the entire layout including background.
        "layoutWidth":300,              // Width of the entire layout.
        "shadowColor":-4342339,         // Text shadow color.
        "textColor":-328966,            // Text color.
        "textSize":14,                  // Text size, in "sp".
        "typeface":"monospace",         // Typeface of the text.
        "typefaceStyle":0,              // Normal, Bold or Italic.
        "x":0,                          // X position of the text.
        "y":180                         // Y position of the text.

More about sRGB color in Android Develop. More about gravity in Android Develop More about typeface in Android Develop

Customized Setting Example

The below setting uses "Into Background" style and changed a little. You can copy this to the app.


And the result speed text will be at bottom right corner of the screen with a blue semi-transparent background, like this:

Setting results.